The Gotham Steel Air Fry Pan, Fries Food Without oil And Butter


Best way to fry food without using Oil and Butter

The Gotham Steel Air Fry Pan is a pan of a generous size that will enable you to fry food quickly on 

your stovetop or on an indoor grill. This pan uses the flow of air to heat up and cook the food inside it evenly, so you won’t need to add cholesterol-filled oil or fatty butter to aid with the cooking process. With this pan, you’ll be able to cook a variety of foods for any meal, including dessert.


How it Works

Each of these pans has three side vents that will allow air to circulate through its middle after it’s on your hot stovetop or grill. This air circulation will then create a convective effect inside the pan, which will enable any food in there to be fried up to 20 percent faster than it would be in other pans. The air flowing through the pan, in combination with the heat from your grill or stovetop, will cook the food evenly and ensure that it’s crispy on the outside and tender enough on the inside

Since this air-frying pan will cook your food up to 20 percent faster than other frying pans of a similar size, making use of it means you’ll automatically spend less time cooking certain things. You’ll be able to use the minutes you free up to spend more time with your family, complete other chores around the house or do things for yourself that you enjoy.



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